Marco Zara


What first got you into Jiu-Jitsu?

I started BJJ after doing judo first. I loved it from the beginning.

Who are your biggest influences in the sport?

My biggest influence in the sport is my best friend, Xalo Almeida, nephew of Otavio Almeida, a student of Carson Gracie. We started training together and didn’t stop.

What does Jiu-Jitsu do for you? And how do you think it could help others?

BJJ saved my life, kept me focused and gave me purpose.
BJJ helps others with discipline, respect and determination. It tests your limits.

What's your standout Jiu-Jitsu moment?

My standout moment for BJJ was when I received my black belt in 2016.

What is your style? favourite guard/system/submission?

My favourite style is patient pass guard.

What do you enjoy about teaching and did you ever see yourself teaching?

I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned and in turn, learning with my students. Yes, when I had my purple belt I knew I would start teaching.

What are your goals for the club?

I want the club to continue to be a solid team, a family, to support each other. I’m living the dream!

What do you think is different about our club?

Triton is a true community club which offers genuine BJJ taught by masters of the sport.